25 May 2015 Comments Off on Omni Media TV in Development for New Urban Reality Show

Omni Media TV in Development for New Urban Reality Show


New Omni Media Television (Omni) has developed a great show for the big fall line-up with the “The Roberts Empire” (working title)….that will be brought to you on a cable channel near you in a deal that will bring forth first-run broadcasting with syndication by the networks this fall.

Though there is not much other information out there to be given yet since the deal is in final development and the official announcement of the show is slated for sometime this August 2015 and the show will be set for production in September/November 2015.  The syndication group will produce along with Executive Producer Kevin D. Kinsey of Omni Media Television (Omni) and Executive Producer Michael V. Roberts of the Roberts Worldwide Productions (RWP).

“The Roberts Empire” –  shows a family united with a basic belief with traditional values in education, loyalty and business. With a business and home base in St. Louis MO, the show will cover the empire and day-to-day operations of a family and their relationships and dealings in the Roberts Company’s direct business holdings of real estate, hotels, radio broadcast, television and telecommunications that stretch the continent from Malibu CA (Los Angeles) to Nassau Bahamas, WI. The show will be a direct contrast to the docu-dramas and so-called reality shows portraying black folks as seen in today’s market as dysfunctional, but yet show the successful functionality of an Black American Family doing it’s best in embracing a strong family network in relationships, family, business, and financial success.  A billion dollar empire to be highly recognized as an American Family success story.

Check your local TV listing for viewing times!

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