Emeritus Entertainment Capital


Emeritus Entertainment Capital is a new media fund that was founded by Kevin D. Kinsey in 2013; Emeritus describes itself as a company that will create the funding for new convergence media entertainment in film, television, music, interactive and mobile technologies.

Emeritus Entertainment Capital allows select global accredited ultra high net worth investors, sovereign wealth funds, angel investors, family trusts, private banks, pensions, endowments, fund of funds, wealth & financial advisers, hedge funds, and other private equity investors looking to transition and participate in an exclusive opportunity in a market-neutral, non-correlated asset class which is immune to economic conditions, has built in guarantees for global distribution, integrates technology (3D production, digital distribution), and has a structure where Assets Under Management (AUM) would have a guaranteed ROI prior to revenues using U.S., Canadian, & international tax incentives, and, multi-tier exit strategies.  There is a very privileged and sophisticated way of financially participating in a basket of commercial films, which unlike a mutual fund, REIT, hedge fund, oil & gas investment, or other correlated asset class can in certain instances provide a 60-100% ROI prior to revenues that has full transparency and has zero quantitative, exotic, or other confusing financial models that have in the last few years proven to be more risk than reward.

And with the growing demand of 3D Cinema, the costs of theatrical distribution coming down, DVD markets healthy, global Video On Demand rising, interactive streaming media, mobile technology, utilizing specialized social media and word of mouth marketing, and long term library valuation and multi-tier ancillary revenues, Emeritus Entertainment Capital has developed a very innovative business model and financial product that is scalable to both smaller investors and large institutional groups.