Omni Media Television

Founded by Kevin D. Kinsey, the New! Omni Media Television Network (OMNI TV) fundamental purpose is to create urban programs, which inform, enlighten and enrich the public through television, radio, online social media, and mobile technology. We are committed to using various methods to provide our community with an essential source of educational, informational and entertaining services.  As soon to be one of four 24-hour cable television channels focusing on Urban Black communities and African American issues, Omni Media Television Network strives to establish favorable relations and cultural ties not only within the African-American community but also between other nationalities in order to stimulate, promote and develop interest in the urban culture.

Omni Media CorpOmni Media Television Network will be based in the United States, with access to multiple state-of-the-art studios in partnership with local broadcasters for syndication and distribution. We have access to an audience of millions, a performance that goes beyond the coverage on all existing urban programming currently in the market.

Our goal is to continue to propel the television station into a prominent market position. We plan to build credibility among African-American viewers by developing its own brand identity as an alternative to what is currently in the marketplace while capitalizing on the best practices of the people involved in its production. We plan to uphold Omni Media television Network as the leading broadcasting company among Urban America.

Look for future listings for the New Omni Media Television Network!