Black Greek Celebration

Coming soon!  In conjunction with the 100 Year Centennial Celebrations, The Largest Black Greek Gathering in the World – “Black Greek Celebration” shall bring all 9 Divine Fraternity and Sorority members from all over the world to meet and celebrate in annual events that celebrate “Black Greek Unity.”

Presenting Black Greek Celebration, four fun-filled events which celebrate the rich history and vast contributions to humanity that the Nine Black Greek Pan-Hellenic members have made through Education and Social Action to the values and undertakings of what we call the American Dream.  Black Greek Celebration shall host a variety of fun-filled events which displays the theme “Black Geek Unity” amongst the members and friends of the historic Alpha’s, AKA’s, Kappa’s, Delta’s, Omega’s, Sigma’s, Zeta’s, Rho’s and Iota’s members of the National Pan-Hellenic Council Organizations.

Black Greek Celebration will kick off in 2020 with Black Greek Reunion Weekend in Las Vegas, a Golf and Tennis Challenge Weekend in the Palm Springs, a seven day cruise in the Western Caribbean Sea in the form of Black Greek Cruise and a fourteen day tour to the African Motherland in Black Greek Tour to see the historic sites and cities of South Africa.

The celebration shall also include a fashion line with select accessories from Greek Expressions, a lifestyle magazine entitled “Forever Greek” and a nationwide competition “Greek Show” and “Miss Black Greek Pageant”.  Black Greek Celebration shall be more than just promotional events, in that, it will be the social network for all the collegiate and alumni to share and make new friends around the world. Proceeds in-part from Black Greek Celebration will benefit the educational scholarships drive of the United Negro College Fund. “Whether you are Greek or just enjoy the Greek Experience, then Black Greek Celebration has an Adventure for you!”