Kevin D Kinsey Ltd.

Established in 2014, Kevin D. Kinsey Ltd. will soon be one of today’s leading international luxury goods licensing and expanding suite of essential service of wealth creating opportunities.  Founder, Kevin D. Kinsey has always had a clear vision for the creative and stylistic source of the branding under the Kevin D. Kinsey Ltd. name (KDK).  He is the originator of a growth strategy based on balanced development and focus on the core business.  The group designs, produces and distributes consumer products & services under the brand and logo through a series of licensing agreements.

Over time, these activities will be joined by a series of different initiatives, which will assume an ever-greater importance in life.  In particular, the publications ranging from the allure of Hollywood life-styles to the growing fashion market influences upon the selective minded taste of a particular demographic, the group’s expectations of continuous growth will give the group a solid base, and paved the way for further expansion.  In addition to being the sole owner of the brand, the group is also wholly responsible for the management and control of the three business divisions: Production, Distribution and Licenses. The group has direct control over the entire value chain, from creation to sale, for all brands, with the exception of products under license. Manufacturing operations and development guidelines for the distribution network are headed by Kevin D. Kinsey Ltd. based in Los Angeles.