20 March 2014 Comments Off on Exodus to Deliver Marvin Gaye Biopic: “Sexual Healing” …..

Exodus to Deliver Marvin Gaye Biopic: “Sexual Healing” …..

Jesse Martin as Marvin Gaye in Sexual Healing
Exodus Entertainment Bancorp recently announced that it would finance the completion of the film about the legendary vocalist Marvin Gaye in a dramatic biopic about his life and the hit song “Sexual Healing”. This film was 60% shot when the production unit lost it’s principal funder. Exodus has recently engaged to finance and complete this film to bring this true life story to fruition. With a back wall of European landscape and principal shooting in Luxemburg, the film focuses on the later years of Marvin Gaye as he lived in Europe, putting his past drug abuse behind him and wrote his hit song Sexual Healing, along his promoter. The film portrays this deep look at the last years of Marvin Gaye’s life, from his parting ways with Motown and self-imposed exile to Europe, to his relationship with Freddy Cousaert, the promoter who guided the singer through the recording of his biggest-selling album – Midnight Love.

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The movie zeroes in on the early 1980s, when Gaye’s life was unraveling, and in star Jesse Martin, it has a Gaye stand-in who both looks the part and can sing.  It also has an appealing supporting cast, which includes S. Epatha Merkerson and Clarke Peters. The movie is apparently scheduled to re-assemble principal production in April 2014 and to be released sometime in the early fall along with the 30th anniversary of Gaye’s death. This project is produced by Jimmy de Brabant and directed by Julien Temple and shall be a fitting tribute to the musical legend since no other remnants of the Motown music and sound he delivered will be heard in motion picture for years to come due to the continued disputes in ownership of the entertainer’s estate.    


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