20 March 2014 Comments Off on Exodus Announces New Media Fund for Film, TV & Music

Exodus Announces New Media Fund for Film, TV & Music

Exodus Entertainment Bancorp along with it’s entertainment partners through the new affiliated company Emeritus Entertainment Capital announced that it has established a new fund to finance budgets for feature films, television shows, music projects and concert promotions.  Emeritus Entertainment Capital is a new media fund that was founded in 2013.   Emeritus describes itself as a company that will create the funding for new convergence media entertainment in film, television, music, interactive and mobile technologies.

Emeritus Entertainment Capital has developed a very innovative business model and financial product that is scaled to both smaller investors and large institutional groups. Emeritus recently raised $50,000,00.00 million in funds from a hedge fund partnership to underwrite creative projects set forth under the business model Kevin D. Kinsey, CEO approved and structured for this type of entertainment financing. Emeritus is set up to provide an additional matching funds for emerging media by it’s aggressive ability to provide equity and senior debt facilities up to 85% of the approved project budgets.  Additionally, Emeritus has set forth offerings for mezzanine and gap financing of soft dollars utilizing collateral state tax incentive rebates, ancillary product placements along with minimum guaranteed pre-sales agreements from foreign and domestic distributors.   For more information, please contact our offices. Principals Only.


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