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Exodus in Development to Launch New “Blade” Movie Franchise!…

Executive Producer Kevin D. Kinsey along with original Producer J. Aubrey Divens of the “Blade” series of movies are in talks to bring to the market a new franchise of films related to the action block buster movie starring Westley Snipes.  Divens was the person who went to character creator Stan Lee, founder of Marvel Comics, to suggest that a film made in modern times about an underworld of neat yet ‘good looking’ vampires and a martial arts star with a flair for action would light up the market place with over Five Hundred Million in world-wide sales.  This type of thought for new looking vampires rather than the old notion of them being slow moving, living in caskets, and not be able to walk during the day, is a long-gone thought as suggested by producer Divens.  Epic milestones in films such as “Twilight” and television series “True Blood” have broken the mode with young vibrant ‘good looking’ stars that make your heart say-Yes.

Wesley Snipes

The new franchise will focus on a new movie with working title of “Blade: The Redemption”. Kinsey met Divens while both were attending UCLA and Divens was in law school at the time.  Divens, who recently retired as an attorney for over 30 years and who has been a creative producer for over 15 years has had great success with films such as the franchise series of “Blade” and recently the “Teenage Paparazzi” released by Warner Bros/ HBO films.  Divens has development deals with both Warner Bros and Disney which will help to bring the new “Blade” film to fruition.    

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